Research Paper On HCG Diet Phase 3 By A Nutritionist

As you know, HCG formula comes in drops. This is a little cheaper than injections. Administering this type of HCG formula is easier than the other type too. All you need to do is to simply drop a generous but not abusive amount of the solution at the back of your tongue daily or as per doctor’s recommendation.

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Regardless of the type of HCG solution you wish to get, rest assured that HCG formula contains a miraculous element that is powerful enough to suppress appetite and hunger. As a expert nutritionist i strongly recommend every user to go through real diet drops reviews written by experts. I found HCG complex a powerful product out of 100’s. These are the reference URL’s gives perfect explanation how HCG complex is top in market with Google Trends explanation. There are many sites who sell products with fake reviews. Do not fall in prey by reading such reviews.

Coming to diet, Choosing vegetables to prepare for either lunch or dinner, the best way that a dieter can do is use his best common sense. There are so many fresh greens that can be used as fillers. A salad size is perfect. However, a dressing is a no- no, so as high fats, sugar and oils. Have a little of apple cider vinegar instead. Additionally, reading the labels play the weight loss game stunningly perfect. As long as the ingredients or the seasoning does not go beyond two grams, that is allowable to give your food a little something to taste.

To be able to ensure that the body does not absorb any form of fat that the skin might have contact with, using moisturizers and cosmetics are not allowed. As much as possible, drive away from massage parlors. When you got some massage while you are on an HCG diet, the fats that are being stored in your body will move around from tissues to the other. This may mess up the entire HCG diet plan.

HCG Diet Phase 3: This is the most crucial part of the HCG diet plan. It can drive the entire plan towards or away the desired output. Specifically, as dieters reach this final phase, they are expected to have completed their HCG injections. This is the third week of getting all the shots completely taken. It is in this phase where dieters are strongly recommended to regularly monitor their weight. Have it every morning. However, having all the injections shot does not mean that dieters can again eat whatever they pleased (though are told to get back to their usual plan of eating). They have gain back their freedom to eat non- carbohydrate and no- sugar with the condition of bringing with them a handy bathroom scale at all times. These people should bear in mind the main rule to win this last phase of the game. And that is, carbohydrates is also sugar. Therefore, it is far more dangerous than sugar itself. When we say no- sugar diet, we mean strict avoidance to cakes, pies, frostings, cookies, dough nuts and the like.

Instead, a high- protein diet is suggested in this phase. Basically, when dieters gained 2 pounds, they must get some steak in a day.